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  • Beneath You's Breasts Fan Club
  • Description: For fans of Beneath You's fabulous breasts Dedicated to the admiration of Beneath You's fabulous breasts

  • Beauties
  • Aren't they just wonderful?

  • Weekly Discussion Topic - Week of 4/20/2014 - Responsibilities & 24x7
  • I'm posting a day early this week due to work commitments so hopefully y'all will discuss away and keep the topic alive in the activity on the homepage. I have 2 topics for this week, feel free to discuss either or, preferably, both.

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  • Swxslave Kik I'm female
  • I'm female 14 from canada looking for a master I'm a sexslave Kik: Akshisayshi Skype:akshitasalwan

  • Eastersunday
  • Dear Dark Master, i wish you blessed Easter First. Thank you for your willingness; to educate me and also thank you for your effort. I tried to follow your rules, but it has given me nothing, no spark has jumped. Why? I think that's a good question. I think there are 5 reasons: 1. I have no emotional attachment to you, no feelings, who or what you are for me, no sympathy, no feelings and no reverence. Excuse me, but I want to be totally open and honest with you. I owe you after all your effort.

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  • Southwest Master seeks novice (female) for training
  • Southwest Master seeks curious female novice for training. Age, race, weight not a factor. Submissiveness, obedience and trainability are factors. Willing to start online and move to r/t. For now, you can ask me whatever questions you need to determine if you would agree to train with me. Submit them in your next e-mail only. Soon, you will need permission to ask a question, so think carefully. It is my intent to determine your potential and understand what level of training and submission you have achieved. Respond and send me the above answers and the following:

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  • I need a Women (bottom) to play online with!
  • Hi everybody. Although i am married to the sub you can see in my Profile, i am in need of a online bottom (not neccessarily a slave) who likes to do self torture, specially of the tits and, if she is fat, on the Belly. As my Wife does not like needles, nails and skewers, i do not want to force her into that. I have her "permission" to live this fetish out online. So i am in search for a long term online Bottom, willing to follow commands on cam and willing to increase the painlevel over time.

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  • Looking for that one true female ready for seed.

  • submasive couple
  • natural submasive couple from Croatia seeaking master, mistres or dominant couple. want to serve ,be collared all time naked, marked and sing slave contract.

  • the rose bush
  • The rose bush A rose bush is like an evil, beautiful, woman. It sucks you in with its beautiful smells The delightful colors. Brilliant, You get in close. This rose, watch where you grab. But before you know it. You been stabbed.

  • Refreshing the Search
  • I am still looking for that one exceptional girl, that one who knows that it is her life's journey to end up on her knees at my front door and give up everything she has, everything she is to be everything I need. I am not looking for a girl to surrender herself and live out her life in the role of slave, I have tried a consensual slave and what I have learned from her is that a slave who consents to the life of service can one day decide that she no longer can serve.

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  • Black Submissive Females Available
  • I am a long-time member of Slavefarm and have trained two young, ebony submissive females that I am willing to auction off for use and abuse. They have limits but are very attractive, obedient, respectful, bi-, and full service. They are able to travel at owners expense for extended periods of time if necessary. If you are interested in knowing more about my black subs, send me a private message here at Slavefarm and I will provide more details. It is important that I am assured of their safety while under your care. Sir Joe

  • 18 Male Master/Seeks for 18-20 female slave/any location/Beginners only
  • 18/male/master seeks 18-24/female/slave in any location (beginners only) I don't know how to start off the post but I think I'll start by introducing myself. I am a beginner master looking for a beginner female sub to explore the S/M thing together online. I do have limits myself and I wouldn't ask you to do anything crazy or off your limits, however, I'd appreciate if you are open minded and willing to explore different/new things!I'm talkative and understanding and I love kinky talking with females as much as you can imagine, especially when there is no taboo!

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  • Slave Nikki Gun Play
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  • Freshly fucked "school girl"
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  • Nipples weighted down
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  • Pondering thought.... Everything
  • i recently became acquainted with a Master locally with in the lifestyle. We met for coffee, and he started a pretty interesting conversation that was thought provoking so felt compelled to share the intense thought to ponder. He stated that in his experience he had met an 85 year old slave and asked her what the definition of being a true slave was? Her reply, “Being a true slave is everything”. I sat there for a minute pondering the statement repeating the word “everything” over and over in my mind as a sipped my coffee.

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  • Bound tightly and waiting to cum
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  • My wife, the Bondagemoppel, getting ready to Press her tits for me 04
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  • My wife, the Bondagemoppel, getting ready to Press her tits for me 05
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  • My wife, the Bondagemoppel, getting ready to Press her tits for me 03
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  • My wife, the Bondagemoppel, getting ready to Press her tits for me 01
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  • My wife, the Bondagemoppel, getting ready to Press her tits for me 02
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  • Looking for...
  • Hi there!

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  • Aussie Slave Wanted
  • I am a 50yo Master living in Melbourne. I seek a full-time Live in slave. You must be prepared to accept my total control over you. You will submit to all my sexual wants & needs. you will be my domestic slave. You will be well presented , clean , Very obedient. you will be punished for disobedience & rewarded for compliant behaviour. you must be willing to breed. In return I will look after you. Message me with your details & personal description. Master..

  • slavefarm website without fake Masters or slaves
  • hello Masters and slaves i come with one idea as i like this website and have talked with amazing people here . i want to ask moderator to put every master and slave to proof his/her self by opening webcam for 30 second in private yahoo or skype for moderator then we know that website will never be a place for fake people . i hope moderator will apply this idea to keep scammers far from slavefarm Thanks you

  • Looking for a new online slave. Well-groomed only! Applications now open.
  • Master with a lot of experience looking for a new slave. I'm 30 and speak 5 languages (and understand a few more). Live in Venice, travel a lot, and because of time issues I'm looking mostly for an online slave only. Write me an application, take well-groomed sluts only. Both new and experienced welcomed. Send me a message as soon as you read this! (Moved to correct forum by SlaveFarm Moderator)

  • Gift
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  • TOP level doms and subs/slaves are invited to participate

Psycho torture for a sweet sub

Gagged beauty is submitted to a sadistic sexual treatment that includes tit caning, predicament bondage and intense wax play. But real psychological torture begins when Master sticks his rockhard cock into sluts filthy holes while teasing her clit with a vibrating Hitachi. Not only she cant resist, but shes forbidden to cum! Do you think she can endure it?

April 1st, 2014 | BDSM,Bondage,Humiliation

Anally yours, horny librarian

Master brings his favourite blonde pet to library, but not for the books. Instead, he suspends the bitch in a pose that leaves her ass perfectly accessible for hard penetration. He proceeds to ram her tiny asshole until its gaped enough to be filled with hot batch of cum. Dont miss this hot anal destruction!

March 31st, 2014 | BDSM,Bondage,Humiliation

Getting fucked in bondage

Using device bondage to tame this wild meathole, Master strips her naked and exposes her delicate clit to clamp torture. Little bitch moans hard, but shows amazing pain tolerance, so Master rewards her with some good old pussy pounding. Judging by multiple screaming orgasms, she seems to love being fucked and abused in bondage.

March 30th, 2014 | BDSM,Bondage,Humiliation

Two hard cocks, one horny slut

This busty sluts slave training is coming to an end. For her final day in dungeon, Master introduces a strangers cock to her gorgeous body and makes her please two dicks at the same time. A little shy at first, bondage whore reveals her wild side as soon as both cocks start pounding her dirty holes. Watch her pretty face get covered with sperm after absolute destruction of her holes…

March 29th, 2014 | BDSM,Bondage,Humiliation

Asian cum dumpster loves pussy too

Inexperienced Asian cutie is a pussylicking cumbot who loves to please anally and orally. Along with another submissive sex pet, she exposes her holes to Masters filthy imagination and sucks hard until she finally swallows a faceful of cum. Snowballing makes bitches so horny that Master lets them lick each others pussies while he enjoys a hot lesbian scene…

March 28th, 2014 | BDSM,Bondage,Humiliation

Horniest slut of all impaled hard

Suspended naked with her legs spread wide open, this bondage whore is a helpless victim of Masters sadistic intentions. As her dripping tight pussy gets impaled on a Masters rockhard cock, she realizes how much she enjoys being his filthy slut, so she begs him to stuff her ass and fuck it even harder… Dont you love young horny bitches?

March 27th, 2014 | BDSM,Bondage,Humiliation

Anal whore fights for the right to cum

Cocky meathole needs some discipline, so Master suspends her hot body and submits her to extreme assfucking while shes gagged and unable to scream. Despite the intense pain, bitch knows that she will be given an orgasming reward if she endures the torture. In case she fails, she will be turned into cum dumpster and lose privilege to cum for the rest of the week…

March 26th, 2014 | BDSM,Bondage,Humiliation

Bondage whore in training – day two

On her second day in dungeon, this busty slavegirl will be submitted to some extremely hot sex games. While shes heavily restrained in a perfect pose for double penetration, Master spills wax over her delicate nipples, fucking her juicy holes at the same time. Such a harsh treatment must be hard to endure, but this bondage whore is gagged and cant do anything but suffer in silence…

March 25th, 2014 | BDSM,Bondage,Humiliation

Extremely hot BDSM threesome

Cute girl next door is seduced by a kinky dominant couple. They strip her naked, tie her down and force helpless bitch to take part in their perverted sex games. Before she knows it, her dripping pussy is mounted onto neighbours huge cock while his girlfriend is assfucking her with an enormous strap-on! Scream all you want baby, this couple is insatiable when it comes to suffering pussies!

March 24th, 2014 | BDSM,Bondage,Humiliation

Can she pass the filthiest of tests?

Collared slavegirl will do absolutely anything in order to prove what a filthy bitch she truly is. She will take the caning, huge dildos and unbearably harsh breast torture, but is she nasty enough to let strangers cock violate her tight asshole just because her perverted Master demands it? Click to discover this sluts dark side…

March 23rd, 2014 | BDSM,Bondage,Humiliation

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