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  • A few things I like or would like to find out if I like
  • Ready to be used and abused.
  • Login or register to view full size of premium contents Attera Nox is the awsome model in this photo. Photo taken by helsingphoto. Candlewax, ropes and gag are my work. A collab that worked out great, what do you think? I got a few more photos from this great weekend. Rate and comment and let Attera know what you think. /Inskolaren

  • Sir needs asian female sub in Toronto
  • Sir needs to find and own his little asian girl, Toronto or area, she is willing and obeys sirs needs Can anyone recommend for sir ?

  • sir needs a submissive fem
  • sir needs to own a classy female submissive type to use as he pleases, Toronto or area?

  • An update on my life :)
  • I thought I would write here as I haven't for quite a while. This isnt on one certain topic, it's a bit of a mixture of things that have happened and my thoughts and feelings, so to some it may seem very random. So, I'm going to start by being honest. At the start of being a slave to Daddy, I had a big doubt that things would never work out, that I could never be what he really wanted. It's now 9 months on, and the doubts have disappeared completely. I'm trying my best, learning and improving day by day and I didn't realise happiness like this existed.

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  • Give up finding a master :(
  • I give up looking for a master im thinking instead of just posting pictures of what anyone tells me to do (within reason) so inbox me or email me and i shall get back to you with a picture of whatever task/punishment you want me to do Bare in mind im very inexperienced and the old toy i own is a pink vibrator Email is angelcxuntx@outlook.com (:

  • Enjoying What Is Mine
  • Login or register to view full size of premium contents slave and I spend some quality time with a crop. Extending a much earlier discussion, I believe that this kind of intimate "contact" serves to bring both peace and a sense of firm foundation to U/us both.

  • Abused tits
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  • Enjoying What Is Mine.
  • Login or register to view full size of premium contents slave and I spend some quality time with a flogger. Extending a much earlier discussion, I believe that this kind of intimate "contact" serves to bring both peace and a sense of firm foundation to U/us both.

  • Enjoying What Is Mine
  • Login or register to view full size of premium contents slave and I spend some quality time with a flogger. Extending a much earlier discussion, I believe that this kind of intimate "contact" serves to bring both peace and a sense of firm foundation to U/us both.

  • It's been a while
  • I haven't posted here in a while. Master was extra mean, and extra gracious to me today, so the least I can do is blog a bit for him. He has been pushing me a lot lately. I have crossed several lines that I thought were boundaries, but, I want to do that for him. To please him. He enjoys humiliating me, and I know that is my place and duty. He has had me covered in piss. In my hair, on my face. My tits and ass red from being beaten. And I still want to please him.

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  • Confused
  • For a few weeks this has been on my mind, but have never been able to put it down in words. This is my first time I'm going to try, so please if it is not clear, just ask and don't just assume. Also, I'd like to point out that I'm not looking to leave my Master, I'm just wanting to share this without being judged. And maybe get constructive feedback.

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  • Ice sickle n April
  • Ice sickle in April Can’t believe its mid April. This morning I awoke to see from a night of rain On my bushes outside. Ice hanging onto my Yew Bushes. Though, they were melting. Little drops of water A dying death scene for the ice. A piece of it going away. Drop, by, drop, the sun taking its toll. What a short life it lead. Barely formed. Now, in its death bed. But its blood is not red. But my life giving water.

  • mousetraps
  • Login or register to view full size of premium contents more indoor pix from the winter. lots more of these if you like them ... L

  • Discussion Topic - Week of 4/13/14 - Fakes
  • Fakes. It conjures up a number of different thoughts. I had a discussion the other night with a member who choose not to remain on the site, and our own Epona immortalized it this morning as a stanza in her Old MacDonald parody blog. Though I would call him Chronologically Gifted, not old, but I digress. If you've been involved in this scene for 10 minutes you've likely encountered someone you believe to be fake. But I suspect there are MANY. Different views for what people use to define who is fake. So to Y/you what makes someone fake? What causes you to label someone as fake?

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  • A gift for my Master Thor
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  • salvegirl c takes 9 clothespins on her pussy
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  • "There is a Slave Farm we all Know"
  • (Sung to the tune of “Ole Macdonald had a Farm”) There is a slave farm we all know, ee-i-ee-i-o And on this farm there are some hucows, ee-i-ee-i-o With a moo-moo here, and a moo-moo there Here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo-moo There is a slave farm we all know, ee-i-ee-i-o There is a slave farm we all know, ee-i-ee-i-o And on this farm there are some pigs, ee-i-ee-i-o With an oink-oink here and an oink-oink there Here an oink, there an oink, everywhere an oink-pink There is a slave farm we all know, ee-i-ee-i-o There is a slave farm we all know, ee-i-ee-i-o

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  • Thunder and lightning.
  • Thunder Lightning! Alone in my home, the sky dark and black Turning day time night. Bolts , of lightning flying a cross the sky like a whip Crashing, through the air, making a terrible sound. They say its just electricity. A combination of humidity and electricity. This Maybe true for us Educated few. But there were times, before we knew. The Gods were vengeful, terrible showing us That we are disrespectful . The rumbling, shaking my house, Making me feel like a scared little mouse. Or hiding from a disappointed spouse.

  • boyfriend payback
  • Having just left work and feeling tired; it has been a long day and not paying attention to what is going on around me. I have my bag, my briefcase and it feels like it might rain. I am walking up to catch the subway but take a short cut through the alley when suddenly a van pulls up, side door opens and 2 men jump out. One man grabs my hair and drags me from into the van. The other one picks up the stuff I have dropped and pushes behind me. They cover my face with something and now I am blind. The van starts to move and I am struggling to take the cover off my face.

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  • Sehr Devote/r Sklave oder sklavin gesucht. Kreis Hamburg.(Kaufe auch jemanden ab)
  • Hallo. Hast du Lust dich mir zu Unterwerfen und die Geilste Zeit deines Lebens zu haben? Liebst du es gefesselt zu sein und das besten Nackig? Unterwerfung dich mir sei mein ein und alles und ich werde mit dir Sachen anstellen die du dir ein deinen Geilsten träumen nicht hättest vorstellen können. Handschellen..dildos ketten und vieles vieles mehr... Melde dich bei mir !!!!!!!!! Ein anderer Meister will verkaufen? Ich kaufe bzw miete auch sehr gerne!!!! -nicht älter als 30, darunter gibt es KEIN Stop. -bereit sein alles zu tun was ich sage Meldet euch!!!

  • things i have learned
  • i am woman, girl, pet, and property. my gift of submission is not precluded by lifestyle choices or the flavor of a relationship. Even if i bend, twist, crack, and break open like every other girl in the lifestyle, it does not mean i am every other girl in the lifestyle. i can only ever serve one. Even if my submission is not openly accepted, i will serve Him to the best of my ability as long as He will allow me. He is ever my only and i wish to be His. His hand will guide me well even if it doesn't look like these preconceived notions in my head.

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  • being used hard
  • Login or register to view full size of premium contents anyone from ottawa

  • Heart Bleed thing...
  • I have been hearing,reading, avoiding boring conversation from annoying colleagues about the Heart Bleed Bug. I changed all of my passwords for my email, social networking, shopping and cockfighting betting sites. Anyway, should we change our passwords here?

  • ready for pain
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  • wanting more
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  • lonely tire swing
  • the lonely tire swing. hanging on a tree. no [filtered word] to talk to the only time it moves is when the wind blows. Is its emotions feeling low? If it could talk what would it say? talk about the [filtered word] and dogs that use to play? but my friends when its alone. though it has a whole . it feels like a cold ancient stone.

  • My Cross I bare
  • Some see a disability as a bad thing. How can it be positive? you ask. Jesus had rougher cross to bare. He gave himself up for my sin. his life was spent helping others. Loving others. Sister, brothers. Not just family and friends but people who hated him, mocked him to the bitter end. Their behaviors they will have to defend. So, my crippled hand?, My drunken limp, my crazy voice. though I didn't ask for this by choice. But each day. I pray not for it to go away. But for it to stay. and say to God each day.

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  • slavegirl j in position #1 with 8 clothespins!
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BDSM newcomer gets a sadistic treatment

What happens when a young newcomer gets the treatment too extreme even for experienced lifestyle slaves? Dominated by two Masters, this sex kitten tries hard to please. She endures cruel whipping, impressive bondage, getting fucked by two cocks and a metal anal hook, but does our rising star have what it takes to become truly submissive? Click to find out!

April 17th, 2014 | BDSM,Bondage,Humiliation

Amazing deepthroating talent

Apart from a gorgeous face, firm body and doe eyes that say fuck me hard, this chick has an amazing deepthroating talent. She can suck for hours and get mouthfucked like the filthiest whore, but she wont utter a sound unless Master starts slapping her pussy or stuffs it with outrageous dildos. Then she screams and squirts as if her body got possessed by the wickedest sex demon… Not to miss!

April 16th, 2014 | BDSM,Bondage,Humiliation

Skill that made her famous

One of the filthiest newcomers on bdsm scene, this insatiable chick loves to be fucked in any way possible. The way she twists her young firm body despite heavy bondage is incredible, as are her screaming orgasm caused by perpetuated ass pounding combined with spanking and fisting…Watch the video and find out what made her famous!

April 15th, 2014 | BDSM,Bondage,Humiliation

Ass riding, pussy fisting

If youve never seen a horny bitch fisting another bondage whore while her own ass is violated by a rampant cock, nows your chance. Filthy submissive cum dumpsters are degraded to cheapest sex objects whose tight holes serve for Masters delight. These wild chicks sure have fire, but can they make each other cum without a strapon? Click and find out…

April 14th, 2014 | BDSM,Bondage,Humiliation

Dirty bitches share one cock

These two horny meatholes went through a blowjob contest which revealed that blonde chick isnt that good in deepthroating. So now she is punished by Master and her hot opponent who is about to abuse her pussy with a huge strapon. Brutal ass fucking is just a foreplay into a long night of kinky shameless delights…

April 13th, 2014 | BDSM,Bondage,Humiliation

Nasty bondage sex games

Hot Asian screams like no other bondage whore. Her lusty sighs sound like a mixture of pleasure, gratitude and extreme suffering. Yes,this restrained slut loves to swallow, ride and lick, but most of all she enjoys nasty bondage sex games which end in total destruction of her filthy holes.

April 12th, 2014 | BDSM,Bondage,Humiliation

Untrained pussy stuffed good

Nubile nymph is bound in a pose that exposes her tight pussy for Master to pound. Severely immobilized and obviously craving to be treated like a filthy whore, she is submitted to intense clit torture and jaw-dropping gaping. With each orgasm ripped out of her, she tranforms into a greedy cock-hungry slut ready to take it deeper and harder.

April 11th, 2014 | BDSM,Bondage,Humiliation

Master's cock sends this cunt gushing

Cock hungry slut has been deprived of orgasm for over a week, so shes delighted to have Masters cock back in her dripping pussy again. To push her limits further, he impales her asshole onto a metal hook and pounds her even harder. Once she starts begging for an orgasm, Master fingers her so hard that she squirts like a hydrant!

April 10th, 2014 | BDSM,Bondage,Humiliation

Tied to the table, fucked inside out

Long-legged redhead is an amazing slavegirl ready to please and be teased. Despite her admirable obedience, Master prefers to fuck her while shes gagged and heavily restrained. That way, with both her holes so wonderfully exposed, he makes little slut feels even more vulnerable and humiliated. Besides, its easier to switch from hole to hole in this sexy pose…

April 9th, 2014 | BDSM,Bondage,Humiliation

Insatiable kinksters dp blonde whore

Submissive blonde slut seems to be too tight for double penetration, but these insatiable kinksters couldnt care less. Using both her pink pussy and tiny asshole for perverted sex games that include gaping and ass squirting, Master and his dominant wife submit screaming whore to hardcore pounding and unforgettable humiliation.

April 8th, 2014 | BDSM,Bondage,Humiliation

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